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Indoor Lighting
We need the power of light in every living place such as homes, meeting rooms, stores, schools, hospitals, markets, shopping centers, parking garages, factories, warehouses and production plants. Lighting effects our living places and mode directly. A good lighting provided by combination of right product and the right design according to needs of application.
Outdoor Lighting
We need light at outdoor areas such as roads, streets, parks, city squares, airports, building surroundings, parking lots in various reasons. Lighting effects security directly at outdoor. Whether it's security or a visual impact, a good lighting provided by combination of right product and right design according to needs of application.
Smart Lighting
Luminaires equipped with smart lighting technologies can be preffered both indoors and outdoors. Smart lighting affects human health positively while contributing to energy saving. Control and monitoring systems ensure faster maintenance and repair activities. Trouble free and comfortable lighting obtained by this way.
Solar Lights
Solar lighting systems operate as an independent unit without the need for any electric power or wiring. In daylight, it stores the energy which is generated by sunlight and provides lighting throughout the night. In a properly designed system, the energy generated by sunlight can provide lighting during the all night even in winter. To ensure trouble free lighting, parameters such as solar panel, battery, charge controller should be preffered according the region.
Traffic Lights
Traffic lights are the road signs which organize the vehicle traffic by colorful lights; red to stop, yellow to be careful, green to move. These lights, which can operate with electricity or solar power, are used to control both vehicle and pedestrian traffic at intersections. Traffic lights are important part of our daily life. Traffic lights which equipped with LED technology have extremely low power consumption values.
Whether it is indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, the light takes place in every aspect of our lives. Besides the lighting products which displayed on general catagories, Lighting Equipment Sales consists of special and different products which meets the different needs. If the product you are looking for does not take place in this catagory, you can contact to our team and ask for help.