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Traffic Lights

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Traffic lights are the road signs which organize the vehicle traffic by colorful lights; red to stop, yellow to be careful, green to move. These lights, which can operate with electricity or solar power, are used to control both vehicle and pedestrian traffic at intersections. Traffic lights are important part of our daily life. Traffic lights which equipped with LED technology have extremely low power consumption values.

Solar Road Stud
Used to mark road edges and centrelines. It is mounted on the road surface and flashes to warn the drivers....
12-Inch (300 mm) LED Traffic Countdown Timer
Used to warn drivers about the duration of the traffic signal state. Two-digit numbers tell the driver how long the...
8-Inch (200 mm) LED Traffic Countdown Timer
Designed to inform drivers efficiently. 5 mm Through-Hole LEDs are used in red and green colors. Lights up red or green...
12-Inch (300 mm) LED Traffic Signal Module
Provide higher efficacy and longer life than ever before. High performance, energy efficient traffic signalling experience with perfect thermal management.
8-Inch (200 mm) LED Traffic Signal Module
High performance and long service life. Suitable for vehicle signaling. It has a very low power consumption and offers a...
12-Inch (300 mm) Solar LED Flasher
Used to warn drivers and passengers in various areas of traffic. There are two body color options, Black and Grey-Black....
8-Inch (200 mm) Solar LED Flasher
Used at the entrance of bridges and tunnels, in areas with fog and in other dangerous places. The installation is...