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05 August 2019

RAL is a standard color description system used in European countries. RAL stands for Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen in German. It can be translated in English as State Commission for Delivery Terms.

RAL was founded in 1925. Since then, it used to describe colors in Germany and other European countries. RAL codes are also used in Turkey.

Classical RAL codes were originally composed of only 40 different colors. Then this number increased 213.

Classical RAL codes are defined with four-digit numbers. Four-digit number that describes the color is written after RAL word. For example, RAL 1012, RAL 2008, RAL 3001.

The first digit of numerical value describes the class of color. In the first digit; 1 is yellow, 2 is orange, 3 is red, 4 is purple, 5 is blue, 6 is green, 7 is grey, 8 is brown and 9 is used for white and black tones. The remaining three digits are described other tones of the specified color.

For example, The RAL code of red color on Turkish flag is accepted as RAL 3020. This code is known as traffic red. The first digit in this code indicates that the color is red. The remaining digits describe the tones of red color. If RAL 3015 was used instead of this value, the color would be light pink. If RAL 3005 was used instead of this value, the color would be wine red.

RAL codes are commonly used to describe the colors in construction, architecture, production, automotive and road safety industries. In the lighting industry, RAL codes are used to describe the body color of light fixture and the color of lighting pole.

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