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Roundabout Lighting

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20 July 2018
Roundabout Lighting

Roundabout is a kind of circular intersection that regulates traffic circulation, slows down all traffic with a suitable geometric shape, and provides security for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Roundabouts and the areas those around are risky areas for driving safety. For this reason, lighting at intersections is extremely important.

The visual conditions of the drivers who are approaching the roundabouts should be improved by lighting. For drivers entering the intersection, due to the geometric structure of the junction, vehicle lights cannot provide enough lighting. Generally, landscape elements illuminated colorful at roundabouts. However, general lighting which is necessary for roundabout lighting can be forgotten or ignored.

Horizontal lighting and vertical lighting is required in order to see dangers, vehicles, and pedestrians at a roundabout. Horizontal lighting in highways, vertical lighting at pedestrian crossings are important.

Horizontal light level should be increased gradually from 5 lux to 20 lux as you approach the roundabout. 20 lux light level should be reached in the roundabout area. The increase in the light level should be done as slowly as possible. In this way, the eyes of the drivers can be easily adapted to change in brightness.

Pedestrian crossings at the roundabouts should be safely used by pedestrians. Vertical lighting emerged as an important element at the pedestrian crossings in the intersection. Due to vertical lighting, pedestrians who waits at the side of the road or who try to reach across the roundabouts can be easily recognized. In Pedestrian crossings, the average level of 30 lux vertical light is recommended.

The areas with pedestrian crossings should be illuminated from the direction of vehicles come in for recognizing the pedestrians easily.

Lighting at roundabouts can be done in two different ways as lateral or central lighting.

Roundabout lighting can be provided with lighting poles and light fixtures placed around the intersection. This type of lighting is called lateral lighting.

Alternatively, lighting can also be provided with strong projectors placed in the center of the roundabout on a high pole. This type of lighting is called central lighting.

Written by Emre Yılmaz – Aydınlatma Portalı, Asya Traffic Inc.


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