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Find the Equivalent Wattage for LED Lights

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15 November 2017
Find the Equivalent Wattage for LED Lights

If you want to replace your existing lighting products with LED luminaires and this change is planned as an one by one change, it is necessary to make an equivalent power calculation.

In other words, you need to calculate how many watts of the luminaires that you use in the current situation can get with the LED luminaires.

LED is a leading lighting technology with high efficiency factor, ie light output per watt. For this reason, it is frequently preferred today. Low power consumption, high light output can provide high efficiency lighting. Lighting fixtures equipped with LED light sources also provide high efficiency lighting.

To save energy and prevent light pollution, you only need to create as much light as you need. If you are satisfied with the light levels in the current situation, you can use LED lights of equivalent power that arise as a result of the calculation. If you are not satisfied with the current light levels, you may prefer LED lights with higher wattage. Good lighting does not mean too much lighting. For this reason, it is important to choose the right product.

If you want to replace your lighting system and you do not have the budget to make a project for it, you can easily calculate how many watts of LED lights you need with the following calculation tool.

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