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Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

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19 November 2017
Indoor Tennis Court Lighting

Indoor tennis courts need artificial lighting because the lack of sunlight. A good lighting provides attractive environment for players.

Tennis ball is very small and moves fast. Therefore it is hard to track the game. At this point, adjusting the lighting level and using contrasting colors make it easier a bit.

Generally tennis courts needs 500-600 lux light level with 0.6-0.7 uniformity ratio.

As in all lighting projects more light is not mean good lighting. Lighting fixtures should be positioned correctly; players and spectators should not be disturbed while the lighting fixtures are on.

We should avoid using lighting fixtures which creates glare in tennis courts. Generally indirect lighting principle may probably overcome this problem. Here again, it is important to make sure that the reflectivity on the surfaces must be high.

It is recommended to use protective cage for the luminaires to be used on the playground. Because throwing balls with high-speed can harm the windshield of the lighting fixture. It is important to protect the lighting fixtures from these impacts.

Lighting fixtures in tennis courts are mounted on high walls or ceilings. Therefore it will be a correct choice to use LED lighting fixtures that will minimize maintenance and repairing costs.

Low-bay, high-bay LED lighting fixtures and LED flood lights can be used in those areas.


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