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28 February 2019
LED Driver

LED is a long-lasting lighting technology with low energy consumption and high light output. This technology requires special power sources to operate. LED driver is an electronic device that provides necessary current and voltage in order to operate a LED or LED series.

LEDs require a certain amount of voltage to operate. This voltage can be changed according to temperature of the LED. As the LEDs warm up, the voltage is reduced. This will cause an increase in current consumption. Constant current LED driver has constant current output within a certain voltage range. In this way, damage to the LED can be prevented in case of increase in current depending on temperature changes.

Exposure of LEDs to high current may cause lumen loss, therefore, shorten the lifespan. LED drivers provide protection against current and voltage fluctuations to LEDs. In any negative situation, it provides that LEDs are not affected by the fluctuations in the mains and remain within the operating range, thus ensuring long-lasting use.

There can be internal and external LED driver in lighting equipment. It can be said that systems which have the LED and the LED driver in the same housing is called internal such as used in houses. In outdoor lighting such as street light fixture, floodlight usually preferred external driver. In most of the LED lighting faults caused by the driver. The maintenance, repair, and switching of external driver have become easier.

Input voltage, output voltage, output current, control options, and IP protection class should be taking into consideration when selecting LED drive.

First of all, input voltage decided as AC/DC. AC voltage should be preferred for the systems that feed with mains voltage. DC voltage should be preferred for the systems that strengthen with battery. After choosing the voltage type, the input voltage range should be determined according to the requirement.

Constant current or constant voltage choice should be made according to the requirement. This choice should be determined according to the design of LED card. Constant current LED drivers are usually preferred in LED lighting applications.

Determining the output voltage and driving current is extremely important. These values should be selected according to the LED specifications. The power of LED driver is determined by these values.

If you want to control the brightness of light source, it must be ensured that the driver has proper dimming properties such as 1-10V, DALI, PWM.

IP protection class should be determined according to the usage area of lighting fixture, the purpose of lighting fixture and the specifications of placing sections of driver. High level of IP protection means, superfine protection against water, dust, and moisture.


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