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18 January 2019

Light is very important for visual function. Light hits the objects and reaches our eyes. We can see the objects in this way. However, sometimes light can cause vision problems.

Glare is a visual perception caused by light that is scattered excessively and uncontrolled. Exposed to bright sunlight or artificial light (electrical lights) may lead to visual impairment which is called glare.

Glare may occur day or night. Glare problem can occur directly or as a result of reflection.

Bright lights may disturb people or it may be painful. Glare is divided into three groups according to its effects: Disruptive glare, temporary glare, and blinding glare.

Even when the bright light is removed from the eye, if it is difficult to see or select objects, it is called blinding glare. If the intense light in the field of vision causes temporary visual loss, this is called temporary glare. If bright light leads to loss of comfort, tiredness, and pain, it is called a disruptive glare.

Glare can occur in both indoor and outdoor lightings. Both of them has negative effects when the eyes are exposed to a light that is more intense than normal.

Glare problems can be seen, if there is a difference between dark spots and bright spots in an illuminated area.

Sunlight that comes from the windows directly or reflected from bright surface in our offices can reach our eyes. This situation causes the loss of visual performance and feels uncomfortable.

Especially road lights are a good example of glare. If the light emitted from street lights disturb your eyes when you driving, it means that there is a glaring problem. Glare may jeopardize driving and traffic safety. For instance, if a driver exposed to bright light, they may have difficulty seeing pedestrians, pedestrian crossings or traffic lights. This can lead to serious accidents, injuries, and deaths.

Older people are usually more sensitive to glare. Because, as we getting older, the blur in the eye lens increases. That’s why glare can lead to bigger problems on them.

Well-designed light fixtures and good planning can minimize glare and its negative effects.


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