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How to Properly Light a Bedroom

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17 November 2017
How to Properly Light a Bedroom

The bedroom is used for many purposes other than sleeping. Most of our times are passed in bedrooms not in living rooms.

In order to have a good sleep, all we need is dark environment. However we may use bedrooms for other things besides sleeping so lighting in these areas are very important such as reading, makeup and getting dressed.

Generally 100 lux light level is sufficient in a bedroom. This level will be enough to do some work in the room but it does not prevent to have a good sleep.

Direct and indirect lighting fixtures can be used in bedrooms. Direct lighting provide a good general lighting, indirect lighting provides visual comfort.

If there is a table or mirror in bedroom, task lighting can be used in these areas.

Chandeliers, stalactite lampslampshades, wall lamps and desk lamps are frequently used lighting products in bedrooms.

It is recommended that the lighting used in bedrooms should be warm white color, yellowish. It is confirmed that the cold white colors makes it difficult to asleep.

High color rendering index light sources are recommended while we get dressed in bedrooms. In this way we can see the colors of our dresses with nearly their true color, so we do not face with a surprise outside of our homes.


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